Supporting and Fostering GRIs

Policy Planning

Human Resources Development


Development direction planning for GRIs, devising policy agenda and preparation of the policy to solve the pending issues of science and technology


01Establishment of the missions of GRIs and development direction planning


  • Establishing the missions of GRIs and providing policy support customized to each institute reflecting its own characteristics to
    effectively implementing the misions


  • Establishing the missions of GRIs and providing customized support to focus on core competencies of GRIs
  • Developing the periodic system for monitoring the establishment of missions utilizing the planning and evaluation committee
  • Comprehensive support for open collaboration

02Devising policies to strengthen the competitiveness of GRIs


  • Improving institutions to increase the efficiency of R&D and supporting the establishment of effective strategies for the improvement
    of the competitiveness of GRIs


  • Supporting the establishment and promotion of plans for the R&D innovation of GRIs
    • Effective policy direction suggestions for GRIs in response to the government’s policy demand including enhancing
      major projects and composing the environment for immersive research

03Investigation and analysis on national and international science and technology policies and trends


  • Constantly investigating and analyzing the current status related to key issues and foreign cases to increase the effectiveness of
    strengthening the research competitiveness of GRIs and resolving the pending issues


  • Foreign case studies and analysis
    • Promotion of research services on studying key issues such as operation of advanced research institutes
  • Investigating and analyzing the current status of GRIs and domestic institutions
    • Promoting study and research services to establish the framework for objectifying and solving major pending issues
    • Research and analysis on the institutions and current status of science and technology GRIs relating to urgent issues
  • Project for leveraging relevant professionals and enhancing professionalism
    • Holding policy seminars and issuing publications to spread the knowledge and opinions of various experts for the establishment of
      development strategies for GRIs

04Building the Policy Network of GRIs


  • Establishing an interactive communication system and devising policy suggestions to set research directions through building an expert
    network for sharing the pending issues in science and technology


  • Holding policy department head meetings
    • Building the base for practically expanding communication and composing the environment for mutual exchanges
      by establishing the operation system for consultative meetings among NST and GRIs
  • Operating the GRIs Strategic Advisory Group
    • Gathering various opinions of the GRIs' hands-on staff and ensuring frequent consultations on the direction of policy and
      planning through the composition of an advisory group