Policy Planning

Supporting and Fostering GRIs

Human Resources Development

Management Efficiency


Identifying the issues difficult for GRIs to solve and systematically supporting this process for strengthening the research capacity of GRIs and 'ensuring and fostering human resources'


01Workforce policy development and support


  • Accomplishing specific missions of GRIs enhancing research achievements through manpower policy development and support


  • Manpower operation plan establishment: systematic manpower support through the establishment of manpower operation plan
  • Manpower policy development: manpower policy development for the improvement of research achievements of GRIs
  • Manpower policy support: research field settlement support

02Excellent talents discovery and recruitment for GRIs


  • Promoting joint local recruiting for effectively ensuring international excellent talents for GRIs


  • Ensuring the effectiveness of recruitment through the co-operation of international recruiting among NST and GRIs
  • Establishing a bridgehead for ensuring excellent talents through building talent DB and networks
    and promoting in the leading international universities

03Education and training support for the members of GRIs


  • Replenishing the knowledge of GRIs’ members and deriving and operating joint education programs of GRIs for national ST human resources


  • Institute: Korea Institute of Human Resources Development in Science & Technology (KIRD)
  • Contents: centered on basic and common tasks required for R&D workforce of GRIs
  • Program: composed of mandatory basic programs for the improvement of core competencies and qualities and special education
                    programs that are operated if deemed necessary for the promotion of ST policies / Designed to require the completion of
                    mandatory 12 courses during the tenure.

Educational program in 2015

  • Basic education: consists of coures for new hires, general employees, promoted employees, managers, and life planning courses
  • Special education: coures for executives and cyber security courses

04Support for the promotion of personnel exchanges among GRIs


  • Creation of outstanding research achievements owing to the synergy effect through convergence research
    and cooperation expansion among GRIs


  • Institution maintenance and policy formulation for the activation of personnel exchanges among GRIs

05Support for customized human resources development projects for GRIs


  • Creating jobs in the fields of science and engineering and providing opportunities for new hires to cultivate R&D related practical skills


  • NST: establishment of yearly plans for project promotion and management of comprehensive matters including project cost support,
    co-promotion, and post management
  • GRIs: GRIs: management of specific matters including job posting, selection, labor contract, and conduct management

Project Details

Project details table
Category Details
Recruitment of excellent talents
in key research areas
  • Target: science and engineering PhD graduates (below 34 years old)
  • Support: 50 million won / year for 2 years
Internship program fo sience
and engineering students/graduates
  • Target: technical high school graduates, science and
    engineering bachelor or master’s graduates
  • Institute: member GRIs of NST
  • Support: for 11 months

    ※ 1,120,000 won / month for high school graduates

    1,320,000 won / month for bachelor graduates

    1,530,000 won / month for master’s graduates