Human Resources Development

Supporting and Fostering GRIs

Management Efficiency



  • Providing the measures to support and foster several conditions by ensuring the supremacy of GRIs, enhancing the research environment
    for creating excellent achievements and management systems, and so on
  • Developing scientific culture and public relations activities to guide the popularization of science to the public


01The administrative efficiency promotion of GRIs for forming the researchers-friendly research environment

  • Composition and operation of the "committee for promoting the administrative efficiency of GRIs" that consists of external experts
  • Finding administrative tasks that GRI can promote in mutual cooperation GRIs directly participate and identify the agenda of administrative efficiency necessary in the site to excavate administrative tasks
  • Reduction in the burden of GRIs through the step-by-step field application and improvement of acceptance through frequent communication
    (briefings, etc.)

02Support for the resolution of common problems of GRIs

  • Providing the process to hear difficulties arise in the research field and resolve them sharp expansion of communication channel among NST and GRIs for accepting difficulties at any time
  • Operating TF that is composed of NST and external experts for the efficient resolution of issues of GRIs
  • Building the feedback systems on the progress of resolving issues (management and consultation committee, briefings, and so on)

03Integrated promotion of the achievements of GRIs

  • Performing scientific culture PR activities to the public to inform the performance and achievements of GRIs
  • Constructing the systems to establish strategic PR plans and diffuse achievements in consideration of timeliness and social problems