Joint TLO Operation Project

R&D Outcome Diffusion

Commercialization Support Project

HR Support for SMEs


To support utilization promotion and commercialization of fundamental and source research achievements that GRIs have developed and possessed


Promotion Method

Excavating the technologies highly possible to be commercialized among the R&D achievements of GRIs and supporting additional R&D projects for the commercialization

  • Principle of raising (50% or more of the total research budget) corresponding funds (cash or spot) of GRIs
  • Support to the institutions that are insufficient in own commercialization technology development support programs
  • Reflecting the will of participating companies to introduce technology and the marketability of technology in the evaluation process of project selection

    ※ Project scale of 2015 fiscal year: 1 billion won (150 million or less won / a project)

Promotion Procedure

Project announcement Receipt of research project applications Evaluation and selection of projects Project start

Project Management

Implementing the final evaluation of such intermediate inspection of project progress and achievement of objectives

Post Management

Promotion of the utilization of R&D achievements through persistent inspection on the status of the utilization of technology transfer and so on

Promotion System