Korea Basic Science Institute (KBSI)

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Korea Basic Science Institute (KBSI)

R&D, research support, and joint research related to research facilities and equipment and analytical science and technology

Korea Basic Science Institute (KBSI) - President, Establishment Date, Location, Contact, Homepage
President Shin, Hyung shik
Establishment Date 1988.08.01
Location KBSI, 169-148 Gwahak-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon
Contact 042-865-3500
Homepage www.kbsi.re.kr

Key Functions

  • To provide research support and joint research through the development and operation of large advanced research equipment
  • To develop analysis equipment and technology through scientific analysis and research
  • To manage national research facilities and equipment
  • To train research equipment specialists and creative talents

Recent Achievements

  • World’s first development of high elastic conductors
  • Determination of equipment to strengthen the tunnel resistance of dielectric tunnel junction device
  • Development of high-resolution three-photon bio-imaging technology
  • Development of the technology for the simultaneous harvest and destruction of microalgae utilizing cationic organic nano clays and photocatalyst
  • Provision of research foundation necessary for developing Alzheimer’s treatment and early diagnosis methods and dementia treatment agents and therapeutic agent screening
  • Development of ‘anti-cancer drugs for tumor-specific diagnosis and treatment’ utilizing molecular imaging and nano-medicine
  • New materials development for the development of thin-film next-generation memory and device