Korea Food Research Institute (KFRI)

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Korea Food Research Institute (KFRI)

R&D, public interest value creation, results dissemination, and technical support in the food sector

Korea Food Research Institute (KFRI) - President, Establishment Date, Location, Contact, Homepage
President Park, Dong june
Establishment Date 1987.12.31
Location KFRI, 1201-62, Anyangpangyo-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do
Contact 063-219-9114
Homepage eng.kfri.re.kr

Key Functions

  • To research and develop food functionality, new materials and new processes source technology
  • To research and develop foundation technology centered on food storage, distribution, and safety
  • To research and develop globalization of traditional foods, food analysis, information, and standardization
  • To provide technical support and commercialization for food SMEs, and R&D of strengthening public functions
  • To assist technology policy planning, test and evaluation certification, human resource development, and technical services

Recent achievements

  • Globalization of traditional foods: study of diabetes prevention effect of cheonggukjang and anti-cancer effect of rice wine, and introduction of national standards for the hotness evaluation
  • High value addition of the food industry: development of substance to control the saltiness and sleep promotion material derived from natural products, and watermelon lycopene extraction and water technology
  • High-quality food production system: clean pepper powder production system, comprehensive rice treatment plant standard model, and continuous ginger washing and peeling technology development
  • Safe and secure supply distribution of food: development of rapid harmful microorganisms detection technology and nano-biosensor for multiple simultaneous detection, and development of rapid mold toxins detection method